YOLO Models

YOLO Models

The integration of YOLO models (YOLOv5, YOLOv8) was simpler than the Segment Anything models. YOLO models are trained to detect objects in images. The output of YOLO models is a list of bounding boxes or segmentation masks with class and confidence score. The output can be used directly for labeling.

YOLO models in AnyLabeling

YOLO Models in AnyLabeling

We integrated a YOLOv5 model before going with Segment Anything. Henry (opens in a new tab) helped to deliver the all YOLOv5, and YOLOv8 (with segmentation) after that.

To make this model useful for specific use cases, we will add some instructions to build and load your own models with your own configuration and classes. Stay tuned!

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