Text OCR Labeling

Text OCR Labeling

Text OCR labeling is a new feature in AnyLabeling. We recognize that text labeling is a common task in many labeling projects. However, it is still not supported well in both Labelme and LabelImg. That's why we decided to add this feature to AnyLabeling.

Labelme UI and AnyLabeling UI

Text OCR labeling in AnyLabeling.

The following labeling tools are supported in the first version:

  • Image text labeling: user can switch to Edit mode and update the text for the image - may be the image name or the image description.
  • Text detection labeling with all object shapes (rectangle, polygon, etc.): When users create a new object and switch to Edit mode, they can update the text for the object.
  • Text grouping: Imagine when you are working with KIE (Key-Information-Extraction), you need to group the text into different fields, containing the title and the value. In this case, you can use the Text grouping feature. When you create a new object, you can group it with other objects by selecting them and pressing G. The grouped objects will be marked with the same color. You can also ungroup them by pressing U.

The labeled text and group information will be saved in the same JSON file as other annotations. The text will be saved in the text field of the object, and the group information will be saved in the group_id field.

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