🌟 AnyLabeling 🌟

Effortless data labeling with AI support from YOLO and Segment Anything!

AnyLabeling = LabelImg + Labelme + Improved UI + Auto-labeling

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  • Image annotation for polygon, rectangle, circle, line and point.
  • Auto-labeling with YOLOv5 and Segment Anything.
  • Text detection, recognition and KIE (Key Information Extraction) labeling.
  • Multiple languages availables: English, Vietnamese, Chinese.

I. Install and run

1. Download and run executable

  • Download and run newest version from Releases (opens in a new tab).
  • For MacOS:
    • After installing, go to Applications folder
    • Right click on the app and select Open
    • From the second time, you can open the app normally using Launchpad

2. Install from Pypi

conda create -n anylabeling python=3.8
conda activate anylabeling
  • (For macOS only) Install PyQt5 using Conda:
conda install -c conda-forge pyqt==5.15.7
  • Install anylabeling:
pip install anylabeling # or pip install anylabeling-gpu for GPU support
  • Start labeling:

II. Development

  • Generate resources:
pyrcc5 -o anylabeling/resources/ anylabeling/resources/resources.qrc
  • Run app:
python anylabeling/

III. Build executable

  • Install PyInstaller:
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  • Build:
  • Check the outputs in: dist/.

IV. Contribution

If you want to contribute to AnyLabeling, please read Contribution Guidelines (opens in a new tab).

V. Star history

Star History Chart (opens in a new tab)

VI. References