Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute

  • Ask maintainers before starting to work on a new feature / bug fix by commenting on the issue or creating a new issue. Wait for the maintainers to assign the issue to you.
  • Fork the repository and create a new branch for your feature / bug fix. Use the following naming convention: feature/your-feature-name or fix/your-bugfix-name.
  • Implement your feature / bug fix.
  • Send an email to [att] if you want to contribute to the assets repository.
  • Create a pull request to the main repository.

Coding convention

  • Use PEP8 (opens in a new tab) for Python code.
  • The maximum line length is 79 characters.
  • This repository uses pre-commit to check code style. Use black to format code before committing:
pip install black
bash scripts/